I was always a big fan of the original 90210 and I will admit I had the biggest crush on the character Kellie---played by Jennie Garth---yes she STILL rocks my world and I came across a recent interview, and in this interview original 90210 star Jennie Garth admitted that the silliest thing she has ever lied about is her weight.


gettyimages pic by andy kropa

Seriously, who would ask a grown woman about her weight? That is a major no-no, on top of being totally rude. Sure, there are times in life where fessing up about your weight is required – like for your driver's license and passport, and, of course, at a doctor's appointment. But other than that, women rarely bring up or divulge their weight.

Regardless of how confident and comfortable a woman is in her own skin, the weight number is daunting and can make even the strongest, most beautiful woman feel insecure.   And I still think Jennie Garth rocks!  How about you?  (HuffingtonPost)