Some good stuff here from the "J.J. Hemingway Relationship Files"----Whether you're a dating novice or a pro, we sometimes forget how to tread lightly in a new relationship -- here are 10 guidelines to smooth your path.


1. PDA. Make sure you're on the same page -- not everyone has the same desire or tolerance for public pawing (or even hand-holding).


2. Once a week ... is just for you two. If you're always doing a "group thing" you might find yourself without a partner when you next "group."


3. No suffocation. Respect each other's space; it's okay for you both to request time off without being upset.


4. Curb future talk. You two just met and you're already talking about kids? Don't send him running by talking about the future too soon. When a relationship is ready, it's ready, not before.


5. Forge friendships ... With his buds. You don't have to be BFFs, but it helps if you're all comfy around each other.


6. ... But don't forget your own. Don't let a new beau be all consuming. You had friends before and you want to have them during or (let's hope not) after.


7. Don't hide things. You may wanna mention you are still good friends with your ex before you all run into each other.


8. Loosen up. So his head turned -- get over it. That means you get to admit Daniel Craig is hot. Unless one of you is hitting on someone else, you're both human.


9. Don't kiss and tell. This is a relationship, not water cooler gossip.


10. No assumptions or guessing games. If you say, "It's OK if we don't go out on my birthday," you'd better mean it.