I had some friends head back east last weekend for the Seattle Seahawks-Denver Broncos battle for the Big Game.   Turns out Super Bowl 48 was the most-watched Super Bowl ever--over 111.5 million of us watched the game, but another record appears to have been broken inside MetLife Stadium--where the game was played. 


Each fan in attendance--Like my buddy Mike and his daughter Hannah, and my buddy Sparky and his daughter--who were amongst the 80,000 fans there in person.   Turns out they spent an average of $94 on food and beverages – probably helped in large part by the fact that no one was allowed to tailgate in the parking lot or bring any food or beverage into MetLife Stadium.  Then there was the money that was spent on all the merchandise available there---and get ready for this it turns out the total amount of money spent inside MetLife Stadium totaled over $11.7 million dollars!  By the way---that is a Super Bowl record and most likely an NFL record. (Deadspin)