The holiday season is definitely stressful -- but can be even more stressful if it's your first go-round with a new batch of in-laws.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you hope to survive Christmas with the in-laws:

Get Educated -- Take some time to get educated on their "way of doing things." There are no rights and wrongs, but every family and household has their own way of working. So, instead of worrying about doing something "weird," ask your husband or boyfriend questions beforehand.

Announce Eating Restrictions Early -- Food is always a big deal at this time of year, so if you have eating restrictions, make sure they're discussed early. This way, arrangements can be made and awkward mealtimes can be avoided.

Get on the Same Page About Gifts -- Before you start shopping, ask what sorts of gifts are given. And, figure out exactly who you are really buying for and if there are kids involved.

Fix Your Face -- This is sometimes difficult, but fix your face before you open a present or eat something you've never tried before. Even if you don't like what's happening, try not to show it on this first holiday.