It's stories like this that cause me to not be able to sleep when my kids are still awake. KPTV - FOX 12

A 3 year old in Myrtle Creek, OR walked out of his house and got into the Jeep in the front yard. While in there, the boy was able to knock the car out of gear. The car rolled down the street where it finally stopped, in someone's house. Only minor damage was caused.

When officers went looking for the culprit, they found him back at his house watching cartoons on the couch. The child's parents weren't home at the time, but a 22 year old relative was. They have been cited for failing to supervise a child.

I could see my kids pulling something like this off... except I know my son knows enough about how the car works that he would probably find the keys, and try to drive to the candy store or something.

I'm thinking my inability to sleep when my kids are awake is purely a survival tactic.