There are the usual New Year's resolutions -- like eat healthier, spend more time with the kids -- and then there are the resolutions that every person should make, not just for themselves, but for the betterment of all mankind.


According to, here are some resolutions that every person should make that would make life better for all of us:

Resolve to Stop Complaining So Much -- Start with your own little world and make it better. Spend less time complaining and more time fixing.

Resolve to Stop Being So Fat -- Kids are fat. Adults are fat. Even some pets are fat. It's causing us as a country to lose our competitive edge. It's time to return to the days when we were lean and mean.

Resolve to Start Taking the Blame -- By simply saying "my bad" when you screw up, you've improved the mood of everyone around you.

Resolve to Stop Setting Unrealistic Goals -- It's fine to have goals. Just start making them realistic and possible to reach. If you've never been successful in your personal life, stop setting goals like "going to fall in love and get married." Instead, start small like "going to smile at the next person I find interesting." Again, less pressure all around.