Whether money buys happiness or not is a great debate. And, when debating, it's great to start by finding common ground. According to Uncoached.com, here are four times where money actually does buy happiness:

1. Buying Gifts and Giving to Others -- Even buying a cup of coffee for a

friend goes a long way toward making them (and you) happy.

2. Travel -- What's the point of making money if you don't use it on fun stuff?

Taking a trip is all about making memories, fun, happy memories.

3. Hobbies or Skills -- Spending money on learning a new skill takes your mind

off work and, as long as it's a skill you enjoy, makes you happier.

4. Investing in Yourself Physically and Mentally -- Some people are

embarrassed about going to things like therapy or yoga. Why? Taking

steps to improve yourself is a GREAT investment.