This stuff should be a "no brainer," but if you wanna keep the "Grim Reaper" away from your doorstep.  I found 4 things that will deter a visit from Mr. Reaper. 


Eat what is called a Mediterranean diet---and if you're wondering what a Mediterranean diet actually is, it's stuff like this: lean meats and fish, veggies, fruit,  nuts, olive oil along with some cheese, yogurt, eggs, and even a little glass of red wine

Get off your hind end and get active---aka----exercise---even a little walking everyday is good!

Don't carry around a lot of extra weight.

Don't smoke

These 4 things have been known to lower your risk of heart disease by 80% over an eight-year period.   And that should help keep that "Grim Reaper" from knocking on your door anytime soon!