As men, we've all spent countless hours mocking our women for the ridiculous things they do that we would never do.

However, there are some womanly activities that we might actually enjoy trying -- even if it means being ridiculed by our buddies.

According to The Smoking Jacket, here are some things guys should try ...

Pedicures -- Is there really anything wrong with paying someone to rub your feet?

Take a Leak Sitting Down -- Go ahead, be lazy and take a seat.

Cooking -- Making yourself a meal, the way you like it, is very rewarding. Plus chicks dig guys that can cook.

Take a Bath -- It's relaxing, so go ahead, and take a soak.

Be a Stay-at-Home Parent - It's not easy, but neither is a day at the office. But at home, there's no dress code and you could play and eat all day with the kiddos.