Before you get too serious about that new guy in your life, comedian Steve Harvey says there are 5 questions you should ask. (But don't worry -- he says these questions won't scare off any guy who's really interested!)

1. What are your short-term goals? Get this one out of the way on the first or second date. "That's important. You want to know what a guy's working on."


2. Long-term goals? These must be different from the short-term or the guy's not really planning. Once you know, you can decide whether you want to go along with his plan.


3. What are your views on relationships? Does he have strong bonds with family and friends? A man's relationship with his mom is most critical -- if it's broken, that's a red flag. And if you're spiritual (or religious) and he's not, you probably can't change him.


4. What do you think about me? Listen carefully to how he answers. He may think you're great, but his answer may reveal more about the impression you're making.


5. What do you feel about me? A man who's serious about you has an answer. In most cases, how he feels about you will be very different from what he thinks of you.