The time of year where it becomes almost a necessity to enjoy your favorite warm beverage by a fire. But what if you don't own a fireplace? Fortunately, the internet is full of possibilities for you. Here's the 5 best fireplace videos we could find.

  • If You're Looking for the Classic

    Maybe you just want to turn your TV into a fireplace with realistic crackling sounds. If so, then this is definitely the choice for you!

  • Maybe You Need More of a Visual

    Maybe you have a bigger TV, and having a 63" fireplace will just look ridiculous, then the Hallmark Channel has the proper fire for you. A full mantle and stockings make this the whole package.

  • If You Expect a Celebrity to be in Your Living room

    If you need your fire with a bit of celebrity, then My Tales of Whisky Official has the proper TV fire for you! This one comes with man's man Nick Offerman sitting in a leather chair next to the fire sipping a fine single malt. Excellent if you're having a party and want some extra flair!

  • If You're an Animal Lover

    Internet sensation Lil BUB has you covered. Check out this cute kitten cozy up next to a roaring fire for an hour.

  • Even if You're a Star Wars Fan

    BenjaminApple has all you Star Wars fans covered! This 5 hour fire shows Dark Side Leader Darth Vader as the Yule Log. Watch the fury of the dark side burn!