Let's face it -- women don't get men any better than men get women! Let science remind you that you're from Venus and he's from Mars -- and why you should try to let it go.


1. Be patient with his memory -- The "memory" part of the brain is smaller. The end. Don't take it personally.


2. Don't expect him to get hints -- Subtle and guys don't get along. He might not get that you're angry, or you have a crush on him, unless you express it.


3. Don't take conversation lulls personally -- Guys, in general, just aren't as verbally skilled as women. He's okay with lulls in the convo, you should be too.


4. Appreciate his naturally upbeat nature -- Men are kind of on natural anti-depressants because their brains produce 52% more serotonin than female brains. That might also be why he doesn't cry or get you when you do. It's OK -- that's why you get to use his shoulders.


5. Don't expect his take on your relationship history to match yours -- Your brains organize info in different ways -- so while your brain thinks "what you wore" on your first date is important, his brain thinks, "Our first date was more important than what I ate for breakfast this morning."

Seem strange or confusing? That's because ... drum roll please, your brains are different! So cut him some slack, and with any luck he'll cut you some too.