An upcoming wedding is always fun, and usually 2, 3 or 4 bridesmaids will do the trick, if there's more than that like 6 or 8--that is kind of pushing it.   But a British Bride To Be--Kate Dalby decided she wasn't going to be selective in her decision of how many bridesmaid.  She DID get married with 80 bridesmaids as part of very special day. 



Turns out that Kate Dably is a dance teacher at Boogie Shoes Dance Academy in Essex, England and she did is ask all 74 of her students, girls ages two to 17, to walk her down the aisle.  She also asked her niece, her cousin, her three sisters-in-law, and her best friend to be by her side.

And GET THIS----All 80 of the women and girls wore matching pink gowns with black sashes for the big day, and in order to get perfect photos, a local road had to be closed in front of the church in so all the bridesmaids could line up!  Wonder if that got Kate into the Guiness Book of World's Records!    (The Frisky