For us guys our car is more than just a way to get from one place to another.  I really think our cars are pretty much an extension of ourselves and kinda shows the world who are are---or at least think we are or what we'd like to be!  But for many owners of car---what they choose to drive has become indeed a cliché.


Here’s the JJ Hemingway list of the most clichéd rides out there:

•)The Minivan – For women means you have kids and may be a Soccer Mom!

•)A Classic Convertible – A Retired, Old Guy

•)Range Rover – Yuppie with Money

•)Jeep – Crazy Outdoor Type Of Guy

•)Conversion Van – Traveling Musician, Rock Star Wanna Be … and Perverts

•)Corvette – A Guy Possibly having one of those Midlife Crisis (