New survey is out and get ready for this stat---95% of cell phone, smart phone and IPhone owners sleep very close to their phones at night and it IS screwing with their sleep!!!


I do sleep with my phone on my night stand letting it charge, and it's on silent, so IF it rings or I receive a text---I sleep right through it.   No text is worth ruining my beauty sleep, eh?    Results of the survey look like this:

25% do not put their phone on silent before going to sleep.

10% are woken up regularly by incoming calls, incoming texts and even e-mails.

50% will actually get out of bed in the middle of the night to check their phones.

And – a big shocker here---– 63% of those surveyed feel they don’t get enough sleep.  All I can say is "Duh!!!"   (UberGizmo)