Do you have a favorite teacher when you were in school?   I think my 8th grade English and Social Studies teacher at Bellevue Junior High in Bellevue, Washington was Mr. Harry Apetz.  He made learning fun.  And runner-up would have to be my Spanish teacher in 10th and 11th grade Mrs. Erline Schuster.  Again---she made learning fun and those two teachers loved kids and really did a wonderful job teaching---they both really loved their jobs--you could just tell.   And now the story of a woman who loves teaching so much---that she is still teaching at 100 years of age!




A teacher back east in the state of New Jersey turned 100 years old and is believed to be the oldest working teacher in the United States.  Her name is Agnes and here's what she does----she teaches home economics to kids ranging from preschool to fifth grade.  She is known by her students as "Granny," Agnes is a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, and even a chef – and she started working at the school 19 years ago when she was a young 81. (Fox News)