You're always hearing about rock stars getting in trouble for one thing or another.  But I'd say overall Jon Bon Jovi is a pretty good guy.  Married with kids and a pretty good role model for aspiring actors and he did something really COOL!



When getting married and your favorite rock star or celebrity is NOT an option.  , sometimes you have to do the next best thing.  There's this story of an  Australian women who flew to Las Vegas to get married. She’s also a huge Jon Bon Jovi to actually walk her down the aisle at her wedding, well the young woman's prayers were answered.

Jon Bon Jovi and his band Bon Jovi just happened to be playing a show in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand that night and Jon actually took time out during the day to surprise the Australian, and then actually walk her down the aisle. Hopefully, rock stars walking brides down the aisle becomes a big trend.  To me Jon Bon Jovi--IS a GOOD GUY!!! (Huffington Post)