Not sure why  but to me Coca-Cola ALWAYS tastes better in those 6.5 ounce glass bottles then it does coming out of a can or a two liter bottle.   It IS the exact same soft drink, but the glass bottle just provide better taste to me.  


Now Coca-Cola is introducing something bottle-wise that's all new in South America that should be arriving here in the U.S. very soon.  I found a copy of the TV commercial--it IS in Spanish--but you'll get the idea.  I think this is pretty COOL!  Coke is beta testing a new bottle made entirely of ice. For now, it's only available in Colombia, but Coke reps have said that it's a big hit with beach goers in South America, so it could wind up on our shores very soon.  Water gets frozen into bottle shapes at 13 below zero, and the bottles have a rubber band on them for the user to hold onto. They completely melt into nothing eventually – which should make environmentalist soda drinkers very happy! That would be one refreshing drink ... my only bit of advise had got to be this---- just don't leave it in the cup holder of your car on a hot day