It's been said over the year that a dog IS a man's best friend.  And for one guy, it may truly be his ONLY friend after the stunt he pulled---get a load of this!!


A guy named Graham, his wife Cheryl and their Jack Russell Terroer named Rosie were sailing on a big boat off the coast of Florida when the boat struck a reef and suffered some pretty extensive damage.  So---what did ol' Graham do?   Make sure his wife was safe and sound?   Nope!  Graham grabbed the Jack Russell Terrier---Rosie---and was able to swim her to shore.   Once little Rosie was safe on land, it was then that Graham headed back into the water to rescue his wife, whose safety line was snagged on the boat's steering gear. All three were ok, to me though this bonehead  Graham really has some serious explaining to do.  AND as far as I'm concerned deserves to be in the dog house BIG TIME!!!