When it comes to food---I am a big fan and lover of burritos....you will find me going thru the drive-thru at Taco John's---getting a beef burrito and maybe a taco or two.  Well---something that may be coming our way in the few years is a vending machine that will dispense us a burrito!   It's called the "Burrito Box" and it's been introduced at a gas station down in West Hollywood, California!



The machine sounds interesting---you get to choose one of five different burrito options, along with a list of bonus toppings. It takes a couple of minutes for the machine to make your burrito, but at least it will play a music video for you while your waiting for your burrito.  From what I've seen a second BurritoBox machine will arrive at another Los Angeles location next week and then, maybe to a gas station near us here in Bismarck and Mandan!!!  (People)