When most of us choose to lose a few pounds, we just eat less.  Or may try Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig---those both cost a few bucks, but if you've got mega bucks and are a celebrity---you can always try the "Fresh Diet."  What IS the Fresh Diet...got the lowdown here for you!


Christina Aguilera took a season off The Voice ... and came back looking a lot skinnier!   We hard she's been on the Fresh Diet, which is a home food delivery service that is, well, very very super expensive. The gourmet healthy meals cost around---get this $1400 per month (that's like a mortgage payment--for you and me!) for meal options like pumpkin-apple oatmeal for breakfast, a chopped grilled steak salad with roasted tomatoes for lunch, and grilled tuna with sweet potatoes and cauliflower for dinner with apple-cinnamon cheesecake for dessert. She's also spending big bucks on a celebrity trainer. Being star skinny is a lot of work, but it also takes celebrity money to do it!  Apparently a lot more than you or I can fork out to lose some extra pounds, eh???  (WetPaint)