If you've been married---bet you can remember how you proposed to the woman you tied the knot with.  Perhaps it was down on bended knee--well a guy in Australia did that---and his girlfriend didn't even notice that he was there...here's the story for ya!


With the guy here---you must know that this was a real painful proposal--him down on a knee--the reason why?  This poor fellow had even broken his back just eight days before the proposal, so kneeling down was really painful for him.

That didn’t matter to this brave guy. He went down on his knee … only to be left hanging because his possible fiance was very distracted by other things happening around them.  Finally after a few minutes, she finally figured out what was going on – and then listened to his proposal.  And--she DID she "Yes!"  She would marry the guy!  With this marriage I believe that nnly time is going to tell how much attention she pays to him when she actually becomes his wife. (ABC News)