Ah yes!  The joy of relationships....they can be so blissful.  But when it ends and you go your separate ways, and then later you happen to run into him or her...that can be kinda funky.  Got a little "Intel For Your Life," from our Relationship Files here at the Cool 98.7 Breakfast Table.


Here’s a rundown of some things to remember when you bump into your ex:

Keep it simple and brief – Don’t stretch out the conversation with your ex. Be warm and friendly, and then get out of there.

Prepare your mind – Visualize yourself having a short conversation with an ex of yours. It’ll keep you from panicking when that chance meeting pops up.

Appear confident – Stay positive and talk as though you’re having the time of your life, but don’t oversell it.

Don’t pick a fight – Any problems the two of you had are in the past, so don’t pick a fight and don’t rise to the bait if your ex needles you.

Don’t look back – After you say goodbye, walk away and don’t look back. Looking back makes you look needy and sad. (LovePanky.com)