I realize it IS the weekend--time for football and kicking back and relaxing.   Monday is looming around the horizon and if you do not like your job.  I have a little sneaky way for you to be able to leave work early---especially IF you work on a computer.  Check this out!


There's a website called www.happyhourvirus.com.   And what this site will do for you--it simulates a computer meltdown.  It will give you the blue screen of death, or it can make it look like you have a broken computer monitor.  And if your computer ain't working right----you can head for the door.  Just don't forget to grips about your horrible computer BEFORE you walk out the door.   And by the way---don't panic---everything can all be reversed by simply hitting the good old escape key.   Brilliant, eh?   (HappyHourVirus.com)