Perhaps you're familiar with the parable in the Bible about the Good Samaritan.  Well I found a story about a modern day Good Samaritan.  This is as I say "Most Kewl!"


I'd say if any of us found $98,000 is something we had bought off of Craig's List we would probably thank our lucky stars for our prayers being answered.  But, that's now how one man---Noah Muroff---handled that when it happened to him.  The man who lives in Connecticut with his wife and 4 kids.  Found $98,000 behind a drawer in a desk that he bought from a woman off of Craig's List and Noah thought this would be the perfect change to teach his kids the power of being honest and doing the right thing.

Noah contacted the woman who sold him the desk with the money inside and told Noah it was part of an inheritance that she has misplaced and that she was totally stunned when she got the call from Noah that the money was indeed found!

Noah and his wife said and I quote:  “We both agreed that this is not our money. If God wants us to have $98,000, he'll make sure to give it to us in some other way."   To me this guy Noah---is ONE GREAT SAMARITAN!!  INDEED!!! (ABC)