In case you missed this story Friday morning at the COOL 98.7 Breakfast Table, this is one of those worth sharing for sure!   I know we all know someone a little wacky---someone that marches to the beat of a different drummer, and there's a woman in Pennsylvania who marches to her own drummer.  She loves one of her houseplants soooooooo much she's has put it in her will and has established a trust fund for its care after she's gone.


Ronna Scoratow who has no children, so she’s willing the 42-year-old philodendron to her best friend, along with money to take care of the plant--we're talking to the tune of $5,000.   Ronna says she knows the huge 7-foot-tall potted plant, which takes up a portion of her living room, isn’t going to live forever. But, it gives her peace of mind to know that her “baby” will be loved, cared for and will live out its life in comfort.   Comfort for a plant, really?   I have 6 plants in my house and I like them, but you're NOT going to find them in my will....sorry plants!!! (Yahoo Finance)