If you listen to  my radio show in the morning, I'm sure you've heard me mention a woman named Sherry and how she is the love of my life.   We've been dating for a few months, and I've come to love her more than anyone in my life.   It's so wonderful to truly find your perfect match or some people call it a "soul-mate," either way she IS that person for me.   She came to visit me for 6 wonderful days.   We did many wonderful things together as a couple.   She is from Spokane, and this was her very first visit to Bismarck and her first time ever in North Dakota, and I thought I'd share Sherry's thoughts about "Our Fair City."


This is written by Sherry......read and enjoy and be thankful that you live where you do!


Sherry’s Visit to Bismarck, ND

I came to Bismarck, North Dakota from Spokane, Washington to visit my boyfriend---JJ.  Prior to this visit, I had never been to North Dakota before, and I was not sure what to expect.  When I arrived from the airport, on Friday, our first stop was the Cracker Barrel.  Not only was the food excellent, but the staff was very friendly!   On Saturday, JJ & I ate at Oahu Hawaiian and Sushi Bar, which had some of the best sushi I had ever tasted, along with a very nice atmosphere.  We then went to see the movie “Heaven Is For Real” at the Grand Theater.  I was very impressed with the elegant decor of the theater, and the movie was very good.
For Easter Sunday, we went to church at New Song Church for Easter Services and helped JJ out with his Sunday school lesson that he teaches 4th and 5th graders.  The kids were so cute in their fancy Easter clothes and everyone I talked to was so friendly, with smiles and handshakes abound; the Easter service was wonderful.

After church, we visited with JJ’s neighbors who grilled us up some yummy Butcher Block steaks and also some walleye, which I had never had before (very tasty).  They welcomed me with open arms, and, even though I was just a visitor, I felt like I had lived in the neighborhood for years. 

On Monday, I got to come to the radio station to see how JJ does his broadcasting.  Listening to him on-line on www.cool987fm.com, I was not aware of all that goes into doing a radio show, and I enjoyed meeting the friendly folks at Townsquare Media and learning all that goes into doing a radio show.

On Tuesday night, we went to the Chicago concert at the Bismarck Civic Center.  Wow!  What an amazing show!!  We ran into some COOL 98.7 Chicago concert ticket winners and a few other COOL 98.7 listeners; they were soooo excited and enthusiastic to be at the show!  Their energy, plus the energy from the band made the evening absolutely spectacular for me. 

One thing I would like to share: Towards the end of the concert, everyone in the front rows moved up to be closer to the stage.  When I got up there, I realized I had left my purse underneath the seat with all of my money, my debit card, and everything in it.  If I had been in Spokane, I would have marched back to my seat and grabbed my purse for fear that someone would take it.

But, I thought, “Wait a minute, I’m in Bismarck, and I do feel very safe here, so it will be fine.”  Sure enough, my purse was just fine when I got back to my seat. 

On Wednesday, before my flight back to Spokane, and prior to JJ’s remote broadcast at Dvorak Motors, we made a quick visit to the capitol building, as I had never before visited a state capitol building.  We went up to the 18th floor observatory and the view was fabulous!  We didn’t get as many pictures as I’d liked as we ran out of time, but it was a nice quick visit.

My overall view of Bismarck/Mandan, taken from my six day visit here, is that the people are so nice, friendly and upbeat.   Although there are no mountains/ski hills like we have in Washington State, and I have not experienced a North Dakota winter (despite hearing stories about them!), I was very impressed by the Bismarck/Mandan area and I greatly appreciate the hospitality and friendly nature of the people of Bismarck.    I can’t wait to visit again this summer!


Where’s Waldo?  Can you find the COOL vehicle in the capitol parking lot (view from 18th floor)




View from Capitol, 18th floor observatory



Chicago tickets!  As someone who has not been to very many concerts, I was super excited for the show.


The energy from both the band members and the crowd at the Chicago concert at the Bismarck Civic Center made for an amazing show!!



The "Happy Couple"  JJ & Sherry!!