As I was talking with my wife last night, I realized that I don't know a whole lot about North Dakota. So this morning, I decided I'd do some research ... but now I'm left with more questions than answers

My query started with a simple google search, but google decided to throw me a curve ball.

Wait... Where I now live is a myth? How is that possible? Now I have even more questions.

Whenever I have a question about anything, I ALWAYS turn to Yahoo! Answers (because, you know, it's grounded in statistical evidence), and there is inevitably someone else that has already asked the question.

Ok... so maybe Yahoo! Answers isn't the best place to get your factual information from. Still, there are an awful lot of search results that show up. The #1 search result takes you to an interesting write up that explains how it could be possible that ND is a myth.

For 121 years now, weirdies have been perpetuating the myth that North Dakota exists. While the origins of this urban legend are unknown, it’s fun to speculate on. Perhaps President Benjamin Harrison wanted to see if he could pull a fast one on the American public. Or maybe South Dakotans were ashamed of the fact that they border Canada.

No matter how this lie was spread, it’s undeniably one of the greatest hoaxes of all time.

Is this all just a dream? Have we been duped all this time? Are we really just an extension of Canada?

So, we gotta ask: