I'm sure we all have a favorite actress in Hollywood--perhaps it's their looks, their personality, their acting ability or maybe it's the total package.  According to Forbes, the have the official list of the stars of the big screen that make the most money, and here they are---and one of my personal favorites IS on the list---Sandra Bullock!   Now--where is another favorite of mine---Kate Beckensale???

GettyImages Ethan Miller


$11 milliion a year---Julia Roberts and Mila Kunis

$14 million a year--Natalie Portman and Sandra Bullock

$15 million a year---Charlize Theron

$16 million a year--Emma Stone

$20 million a year---Jennifer Aniston

$22 million a year--Kristen Stewart

$26 million a year---Jennifer Lawrence

& The #1 undisputed champ---making $33 million a year---Angelina Jolie