Love Spuds???   Considering we've been eating potatoes for thousands and thousand of years, it’s crazy that it took this much time to open the very first French fry museum.    I don't eat French Fries hardly at all--my favorite fries are at McDonald's--but only when they let them cook long enough.  Quite often they are in such a hurry they don't let them cook long enough.  I like them when they are crispy and tanned...not soft and white!!


The world's first – and only – French fry museum opened recently in Europe in the country of Belgium, where French fries were supposedly introduced to Americans during the first World War

The museum has three sections – the first part explainins all the history of the potato, another section offers pics and more on fries as they are known today, and then an area--thank goodness---for snacking and sampling.

A trip through the museum takes around an hour, and then it does cost a little bit---about $8 for adults and $5.50 for kids.

And, of course, the museum has a tasty lunch menu lets you choose between lots and lots of French fries.   I'm really surprised that they don't open one of these museums in Idaho---the state for "Famous Potatoes"---even says it on their license plates.  (Thrillist)