Think teens text behind the wheel more than adults? Think again.  I ran across this on-line and man--did it chap my fanny....NO EXCUSE for texting while you drive----teen-ager or adult---it's way to dangerous.   And IF I do it, I will pull off to the side of the road and then text.   Get this lowdown in this AT&T survey.


According to a recent AT&T survey, nearly half of adults (49 percent) admitted to texting while driving, compared to only 43 percent of teens.

The scariest thing – 98 percent of the adults who admitted to texting while driving said they were well aware that it was a dangerous activity – but they did it anyway. 60 percent of those adults said they were not texting behind the wheel three years ago.

"I was a little bit surprised," said Charlene Lake, AT&T's senior vice president of public affairs. "It was sobering to realize that texting while driving by adults is not only high, it's really gone up in the last three years." (USA Today)