I found out about a college in the land "down under"---Australia, a Christian school that promotes abstinence. And in keeping with their beliefs, they distributed a list to students of suggested things--I'd say wisely here---to do instead of canoodling, (aka fooling around).


Here are some of the ones that caught my eye:

•Share one drink with two straws:   Shake a milkshade or other beverage and stare into each other's eyes while your friends burst into a little song and dance, (the movie "Grease" comes to mind for me---you know Danny & Sandy)

•Look up in the sky at the clouds together and share with each other what you see up in the clouds (sounds fun!)

•Blow bubbles:  They apparently meant like kids would do and blow actual bubbles.

•Surprise your parents by cleaning the house.  I can just hear a teenage girl telling her boyfriend---"No, Justin, I can't go out with you because I want to do something super special for my parents tonight and clean their house." 

•Have a burping contest.  I can't think of too many teen-age girls willing to do this---boys definitely!

•Have a water fight:   Now this actually sounds like good clean summer fun!

•Pretend you are 6 years of age again: This one seemed to be the oddest of the bunch.  But IF these things keep "babies from creating babies" maybe it's not such bad ideas, eh?   (TheStir)