Turns out it was NOT a good weekend for Paula Deen.  I was shopping at both Target and Wal-Mart this weekend, and her face was plastered on the covers of many magazines, with some not so flattering headlines.   After mega-companies like The Food Network, WalMart, Caesars Entertainment, and Home Depot have dropped Paula Deen like a deep-fried hot potato, Paula Deen finally got some good news--and this lady needs it----the cruise industry has sailed in to pick up the slack.


Alice Travel, which organizes those Paula Deen cruises, is planning two cruises for her in 2014. The cruise line claims that they’ve had amazing responses from Deen’s fans and will continue to support her in her upcoming ventures.

All aboard the SS Cholesterol!   I've been on 3 cruises myself and it's amazing how many people cruise just to eat---IF you plan it just right, you can eat 9 meals a day while you're on a cruise....CRAZY---but true!!