The NFL Draft looms closer and the fate of Carson Wentz remains unknown. But if there is one thing fans in North Dakota can agree on, it's that they hope Wentz does not end up a member of the Cleveland Browns.

ESPN The Magazine recently shared a story of a couple approaching Wentz in Fargo and telling him not to end up in Cleveland.

The Browns are notoriously known for being a graveyard for high-profile Quarterbacks. They have had 24 different quarterbacks since 1999. None seem to pan out. Among those 24 QB's include three first round draft picks in Johnny Manziel, Brandon Weeden and Brady Quinn.

The Browns have won championships in the NFL but none since the merger. Their most recent championship was in 1964.

Cleveland is also home to the Indians of Major League Baseball who have not won a championship since 1948 and the Cavaliers of the NBA have won zero championships in their history despite the presence in recent years of superstar Lebron James.

It seems like nothing ever goes right in Cleveland. They can't even get their music act together despite being the home of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame which seems to get more infamous by the second.

Recently the Los Angeles Rams traded for the No.1 pick in this year's draft, but it still is not known if they will take Carson Wentz.

If Wentz falls to the No. 2 spot in the draft, he'll shake NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's hand in a Browns hat.

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