Here's are some of the oldest (and dumbest) April Fool's Day pranks. Perform them at your own risk:

Glue a quarter on the floor.

Tie someone's shoelaces together.

Turn on and crank up someone's car radio, wipers, and heat.

Set all clocks an hour ahead.

Put a rubber band on the sink sprayer.

Replace Oreo filling with toothpaste. Or use toothpaste as a frosting for cupcakes.

Remove the labels on all the canned goods in the house.

Make some pinholes in a plastic cup.

Sew the legs of someone's jeans shut.

Dog doo, a paper bag ... and matches.


Now I thought I'd share my "practical joke" story that happened to me when I was 17 and right out of high school.  I was renting a tiny little house---so small the bedroom was the living room, and the door locked with a skeleton key.   Anyway---one of my high school buddies--Mike---came into my unlocked house around 1230am and I had been asleep for around an hour---so i was in deep sleep.   Mike comes in with 100 firecrackers and a fire extinguisher---he put the firecrackers under my beds, and lights them, when I am awakened by the firecrackers---then water from the fire extinguisher right in my face.  My heart was beating so fast, and I couldn't get back to sleep that night.   The kicker to the story---my buddy Mike wound up working for the F.B.I.---tracking down bad guys.   That is a true story and I am sticking to it!!