Linae and I discussed this last week about those ol' backseat drivers and the passengers that ride along with us when we drive and how they can us absolutely NUTS.   A new survey is out and Linae and I aren't the only ones that find these people annoying.


      47% – Commenting on how fast or slow we're driving.

      29% – Give unwanted directions--it can be handy if you don't have a GPS.

      19% – Talking too much or too loudly

      15% – Push an imaginary "brake" with their foot

      10% – Fiddle with radio or CD player--Please ask FIRST!

      7% – Talk on phone or text--although I'd rather have them text than critique my driving.

      6% – Sing--Tone Deaf---YIKES

      3% – Eating--especially IF they are messy!!!