There are some guys to have fun with -- and some guys to never, ever date. According to Glamour, here are 7 types of guys to avoid ...

1. The loafer-dreamer. It's fine if a guy is unemployed, but if he's not even looking, that's bad news.

2. The negative Ned. If your guy doesn't make an effort to at least look on the plus side, he will probably end up bringing you down.

3. The egomaniac. It's his world and you just live in it.

4. Dude with a 'tude. Do you really want a bad boy? He's going to be anti-establishment about everything, including taking out the trash.

5. The chronic flirt. That roving eye will not stop just because he's with you.

6. The mama's boy. It's no fun when you're always number two.

7. The addictive personality. He could be predisposed to be addicted to drugs, gambling, alcohol, exercise, shopping, or even you. If he is addicted, he will be so preoccupied, that it gets in the way of normal life and dating you.