Kissing is one of those things that can be really, really great ... or really, really awful. To me kissing can be one of the most pleasurable experiences on this planet...OR one of the worst. According to a little research I did on line---

Here are "6 Kisses You Don't Want":

"Dry" -- You think you will get a nice smooch and then he just kisses you on the cheek. Sad.

"Windshield Wiper" -- Too. much. saliva.

"Hungry" -- A little too passionate. You don't want to kiss someone who seems like they are trying to eat your face.

"Directional" -- As you're kissing, he uses his hands to move your head, open your mouth ... Um, this isn't a movie scene.

"Nibbler" -- Some biting is OK, but not too much!

"Health Check" -- Is he kissing you, or checking out your teeth?

Just Asking ... What kind of kiss can you absolutely not stand? Have you ever ended it with someone because they were a bad kisser?