In large part because of the explosion of reality TV and entertainment news shows, young people put fame and fortune at the top of their life "to do" lists.

Being famous is awesome. Everything else is for chumps.

But the truth is that being famous has its disadvantages, such as:

Lack of Privacy -- Every time you step out in public, you will be watched and recorded by somebody looking to sell the footage to TMZ.

Your New Friends Will Suck -- When you're famous, people will come out of the woodwork to be your "friend" and it will be impossible to figure out how much loyalty these hangers-on will have to you.

Fame Doesn't Necessarily Mean Fortune -- The boost in income and expectations of living an extravagant lifestyle can actually create more money problems than you can handle. There are plenty of bankrupt celebrities who can attest to this.

You'll Have to Change, and You Won't Like It -- Once you get famous, your identity and sense of self get forever skewed by public perception. You're one person to the public -- and another person behind closed doors. It's almost as if you'll have to live a double life, which is very exhausting.