Bald Men May Be More Powerful People! You’ll start seeing a lot more guys with bald heads after watching this piece. That’s because a new Ivy League study found that bald is a symbol of power. Researchers had volunteers rate how powerful men looked in a series of photographs. One shot featured them with a full head of hair. Shot number two was digitally altered so they had thinning hair and in photo number three, they were bald.


The result? The bald men were considered significantly more powerful than their hairy and thinning-haired counterparts! In fact, bald men were described as "dominant, powerful, confident and influential." Also, volunteers thought the bald men were an inch taller, and 13% physically stronger, than men WITH hair.

So, why does having no hair impart power?  A lot of people automatically associate bald heads with tough guy-groups - like soldiers, or police officers - where short hair is part of the dress code.