I'm not a big fan of big banks.  I personally use and like credit unions.  One of my pet peeves with banks are overdraft fees.  I guess it beats having a check returned, and having to pay all those extra fees, but wow---it's amazing how much financial institutions made from you and me.   Read on...this will boggle your mind!



Banks are so nice, aren’t they? They let people spend more than they have with something called overdraft protection. This, of course, helps people avoid the embarrassment of bouncing checks.

Well, banks aren’t offering this service to be nice. They’re doing it because it’s good business.

Last year, banks earned a whopping $32 billion in overdraft fees.

And while banks get criticized for raking their customers over the coals with these fees, consumers should also assume some of the responsibility.

More than a quarter of people with checking accounts frequently overdraft their accounts – and more than half of those people hit up loan-sharking payday lenders when they run out of money. (Forbes.com)