Well the 2013 quest to play in the World Series is on with the MLB Baseball Playoffs here.  We've completed the one game Wild Card first round, and now it's onto the divisional playoffs---my sentimental favorites are the Tampa Bay Rays and the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Tampa Bay---because they have a low payroll and still can win, and for the Pirates--it's because they haven't been in the playoffs for over 20 years---so it should be their time.  Now when it comes to the winners---here's something pretty amazing to check out!


According to a new study the winners of MLBl playoff series are pretty much simply at random.  Unlike pro basketball where a team's regular season performance does a pretty good job of predicting how they will do in the NBA playoffs, it seems that picking winners in baseball is pretty much next to impossible.    The researchers discovered that every team that reaches the League Division Series has just as good a chance as all the other teams to advance and then to even win the World Series. (ForTheWin.com)