Lucky for me I'm right at 6'0" and weigh in around 185 pounds.  Sure, i could use a little toning up, but no big gut hanging on me.   NO WAY!  And I'm glad, it could start costing you to be overweight...with real money...check this out!


Officials and experts have been warning for years that health care is very expensive for people who are obese.

And recently, there have been some new ways suggested to get obese people paying their fair share.

Workplace Penalties – Some companies are charging a monthly penalty on their insurance premiums to anyone who doesn’t get a physical, weigh-in, and also have their blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol, and blood sugar checked.

Pay by the Pound – An economics professor in Norway proposed that airline fares be based on the actual weight of the passenger, at a fixed rate per pound.

Sin Taxes – Alcohol and cigarettes are taxed in a big way, with the idea that people will buy less of these things because of the cost. Maybe it’s time to tax the heck out of potato chips and cookies. (Fox News)