Again with Summertime here, we're a little more conscious about how many calories that we are consuming, but when we're on the road vacationing may be don't pay as much attention to what we're eating, since we are on the go.   During my recent vacation to Spokane and Reno, I did enjoy along the way there and back to Bismarck some cheeseburgers from Fuddruckers---yes---with bacon and cheese and they were sooooooo good.   The key word to remember has got to be "MODERATION!!"


Here’s a rundown of some fast food chains in America – and the biggest calorie bomb at each place:

Burger King – Ultimate breakfast platter, 1,450 calories

McDonald’s – Big breakfast with syrup and margarine, 1,350 calories

KFC – 10-piece bag of original recipe chicken bites, 1,300 calories

Wendy’s – Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy 3/4 lb. triple patty with cheese, 1,120 calories

Taco Bell – Volcanic nachos, 970 calories

Dunkin’ Donuts – Frozen mocha coffee coolatta with cream, 730 calories

Subway – Mega melt on flatbread with egg, 660 calories

Pizza Hut – One slice of the 14-in. meat lover’s pan pizza, 470 calories