While you might have had fun pigging out at yesterday’s Super Bowl party, you’re probably paying the price today. Being bloated on chips and chili is no fun. It’s time to get things under control and start rolling with some healthy eating habits again.

Here’s a rundown of some great ways to slow down your mindless eating:

Take Smaller Sips – Research shows that taking in a smaller amount of liquid helps you consume less.

Pick Something Stinky – Foods with a strong smell cause you to settle on a smaller portion.

Choose A Contrasting Color – Researchers found that choosing a plate with a color that contrasts with the food helps you heap less on to begin with.

Eat On A Smaller Plate – Eating off a small plate can help trick you into thinking you're eating more than you really are - and that can reduce your consumption by 20 percent.

Dim The Lights And The Music – A study found that adding softer lights and music caused customers to eat 175 fewer calories per meal - an 18 percent decrease. (HuffingtonPost.com)