Losing can be hard, but since 85 percent of people who lose weight end up packing the pounds back on, so the battle of the bulge continues---and it's tough to keep weight off so i found some of the biggest reason people put back on those pounds that they shed. 


Wrong Thinking – Starting on a “diet” makes you think that it’s temporary. Losing weight over the long haul requires you to make a life style change that you must keep as a part of your life.

Lack of Zzzzzzzz's – More and more, doctors have revealed just how important sleep is to your healthy habits. When you’re tired, you wind up eat more and exercise less, and the results it--pack on the pounds.

Being Stressed – When you get all stressed out it turns out your brain releases a hormone called cortisol, and this cortisol slows down your metabolism and increases your cravings for junk food and that means again--packing on the pounds (Fox News)