The majority of the Beatles archive finally made its debut on iTunes back in November of 2010, but not without a few holes. Among the missing was ‘Let It Be…Naked,’ the no-frills remixed and remastered release that pays homage to their 1970 album ‘Let it Be.’

First heard in 2003, ‘Let It Be…Naked’ proved to be a stark contrast to the original recording produced by Phil Spector, and according to Paul McCartney, this was by design. Abbey Road in-house engineer Allan Rouse, who worked on the project, commented on their direction years ago to MixOnline. He explained that the goal was to “make it sound the way the band had believed the finished album was going to sound.” This plan included removing all of the overdubs and orchestral elements of the recordings added by Spector.

Rolling Stone reports that McCartney believed that the remixed version of the release more accurately reflected what the Beatles had intended to accomplish in the studio, with a more live and raw feel.

The new addition to iTunes comes with a few extras too. The ‘Let It Be…Naked’ LP version includes 11 songs and the original booklet and liner notes, in addition to over 20 minutes of studio banter that was recorded during the original sessions. There are also videos for purchase and free streaming for the versions of ‘Get Back’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ that appear on ‘Let It Be…Naked.’

So whether you like your ‘Let It Be’ with bells and whistles or the more raw live vibe, now both versions are up for grabs on iTunes.