The dating world comes up with a few surprises from time to time and the latest trend in dating is called "Ghosting."  And NO---it has nothing to do with a haunted house or any related to science fiction.  


"Ghosting" is a term that describes the act of someone you've been dating just up and vanishes or disappears from your life without a trace. Yep, one minute you're dating and then poof, you never hear from the person again.  No phone call, no text, nothing on Facebook....NADA!     I do have a story to share--my girlfriend Sherry---was a victim of "Ghosting"  she had been seeing a guy for a couple of weeks.  He professed his love for her and then after 2 weeks, never called, texted or contacted her again.    Personally---I'm glad it happened, otherwise I wouldn't be seeing the love of my life.   IF Sherry and I ever run into the guy--I will have to thank him for doing me the biggest favor and allowing her to be available for me!    Thanks there Ghoster!!!