I'm a daily user of Facebook---and Cool 98.7 IS on Facebook--love to have you "like" our page.   And granted I don't live on the site like some of my friends and people I know do.   And if I miss going to Facebook for a day or so---to me---no biggie.  Get ready for some new survey results---more than half of on-line folks are wanting to take a break from "social networking" sites.  A little vacation so to speak.


Looks like we are starting to get burned out by worthless updates and a lack of time to stay on top of things.  This day in time the average person has over 3 email accounts to manage which is one more than just a year ago.   I know I have my personal email, my company email and even COOL 98.7 email to deal with daily.  And over 1/3 of us spend a lot of time on social networking sites like Facebook----on average a little more than a half hour a day--and that is in addition to reading and replying to all those e-mails.   So--how about you---Ready for a little break from Facebook and other social media?   (Gadgets.ndtv.com)