I'm blessed with a pretty good metabolism----don't have to worry a lot about weight...being right at 6 feet and weighing in around 175 pounds.   And using common sense---the way you lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.   But that's not always the case!!


Sometimes people who have decided to start cutting calories have found that this doesn’t work. Sometimes the scale doesn’t change. Even worse, sometimes the number on the scale goes up.  That's enough to make you pull your hair out---put don't do that--you'll have bald spots----but here's the lowdown on consuming less calories:

Undereating can actually cause you to pack on the pounds because your body thinks it’s starvation mode, and slows your metabolism way down.  So---here's some "Intelligence For Your Life"----Instead of slashing calories – which is a miserable way to live – try eating smaller portions of healthy food every three or four hours, get your body in motion--whether it's walking or whatever, and sleeping well.  Those things keep your metabolism revved up and keep you burning the fat. (Yahoo Sports)